的房地产经纪人® 道德守则 标志着房地产经纪人的决定® 使他们致力于荣誉和服务. 自1913年以来, 《博天堂918APP》的意义越来越大, 和价值, 以及对诚信的承诺, 和职业精神.

NAR’s Board of Directors approved a change to the 道德守则 training requirement, 从两年一次延长到 每三年一次. This extends the current cycle deadline from March 1, 2022, to 12月. 31, 2024.


全国房地产经纪人协会® 专业标准委员会为房地产经纪人制定了一份专业礼仪清单® 在与其他房地产经纪人交易时使用® as well as clients and customers on issues of courtesy or etiquette titled, 专业之路.“该名单旨在促进和鼓励房地产经纪人更专业的行为®, however, none of the items listed are enforceable as is the 道德守则.


而全国协会的道德守则和业务标准则确立了目标, enforceable ethical standards governing the professional conduct of 房地产经纪人S®, it does not address issues of courtesy or etiquette. 基于多种来源的输入, 专业标准委员会的专业行为工作组制定了以下供房地产经纪人使用的专业礼仪清单® 以自愿为基础. This list is not all-inclusive and may be supplemented by local custom and practice.

I. 尊重公众

  1. 永远遵循“黄金法则”.”
  2. Always respond promptly to inquiries and requests for information.
  3. Schedule appointments as far in advance as possible; call if you are delayed or must cancel an appointment.
  4. 总是提前安排房屋展示.
  5. If a prospective buyer decides not to view an occupied home, promptly explain the situation to the listing broker or the owner.
  6. 及时与各方沟通.
  7. Enter listed property first to ensure that unexpected situations, 比如宠物, 处理得当.
  8. Leave your business card if not prohibited by local rules.
  9. Never criticize property in the presence of the owner.
  10. 告诉卖家你要在看房后离开.
  11. When showing an occupied home, always ring the doorbell or knock before entering. 在进入任何封闭的房间之前敲门.
  12. Present a professional appearance at all times; dress appropriately and have a clean car.
  13. 如果卖方在看房期间在家,在打电话或上厕所之前要征得他们的同意.
  14. Advise the clients of other brokers to direct questions to their agent or representative.
  15. Communicate clearly; don’t use jargon not readily understood by the general public.
  16. 意识到并尊重文化差异.
  17. 对公众表现出礼貌和尊重.
  18. 注意并遵守所有的截止日期.
  19. Promise only what you can deliver and keep your promises.

II. 尊重财产

  1. Be responsible for visitors to listed property; never allow buyers to enter property unaccompanied.
  2. 当卖家不在时,一定要在看房后关灯、关窗、锁门.
  3. 告诉买家不要在上市房产内吸烟.
  4. Use sidewalks; if weather is bad, take off shoes and boots inside property.
  5. 当物业空置时, 检查加热和冷却控制是否设置正确,并检查物业外部是否有损坏或破坏行为.

3. 尊重同伴

  1. Call the listing broker to report the results of any showing.
  2. Notify the listing broker immediately 如果有任何thing appears wrong with the property.
  3. Notify the listing broker if there appears to be inaccurate information on the listing.
  4. 共享有关属性的重要信息, including the presence of pets; security systems; and whether sellers will be present during the showing.
  5. Show courtesy, trust, and respect to other real estate professionals.



By becoming and remaining a member of the National Association of 房地产经纪人S®,房地产经纪人® 委托人有义务仲裁与房地产经纪人之间的商业纠纷(包括合同和具体的非合同问题,如实务标准17-4所定义)® 其他公司的委托人或房地产经纪人的客户®. 仲裁程序主要由各当地成员委员会/房地产经纪人协会进行®, as defined in Article 17 of the 道德守则 and Part Ten, Sections 43 and 44 of 全国房地产经纪人协会® 道德守则和仲裁手册.

一个房地产经纪人® 房地产经纪人的委托人或委托人® 可以向董事会/协会的执行官员提出书面请求,或由房地产经纪人® principal is a member or participant in a Board’s MLS where they do not hold 房地产经纪人® 提供争议性质和争议金额摘要的会员资格. 关于是否存在可仲裁事项的决定应由当地董事会/协会申诉委员会根据第10部分中概述的程序作出, Section 47 of the 道德守则和仲裁手册. 申诉委员会驳回的仲裁请求的上诉,以及涉嫌将问题错误分类为自愿或强制性仲裁的申诉,应由当地董事会或董事会小组审议.


所有仲裁请求必须在通过合理努力得知构成可仲裁事项的事实后的一百八十(180)天内提出, 以较晚的为准. See Section 47 道德守则和仲裁手册.

仲裁请求应附有由每个地方房地产经纪人委员会/协会设立的保证金® 不超过五百元(五百元). When the arbitration request is filed with NYSAR the fee is $500 (five hundred dollars, 可以退回或保留,以支付仲裁费用(当地董事会选择),并通过签署的仲裁协议,该协议可以是表格样本# a‐1或表格样本# a‐2, Part Thirteen of NAR’s 道德守则和仲裁手册, 或以法律规定或允许的任何其他形式. The deposit shall be returned if the matter is determined not arbitrable.

每个理事会/协会程序的专业标准主席应任命至少三(3)名未成功挑战仲裁小组的专业标准委员会合格成员来审理争议. 行政主任或专业标准管理局须担任审裁团秘书.


The party must state the grounds assigned for disqualification. 除非一方当事人在聆讯前至少10天提出请求,否则应视为放弃其当时所知道的任何取消资格的理由. 如专家组多数成员发现存在自动取消资格的理由,或发现他们认为可能妨碍该成员作出公正裁决的任何其他事实, 或者看起来是这样, 取消其参赛资格.

此程序所要求的所有通知将以个人服务或挂号信方式发出, 要求或通过电子邮件回复收据(见第七部分), Section 32) if a board/association has adopted electronic notification.

行政人员(专业标准管理员)应通知被申请人,他/她必须在邮寄给被申请人之日起(通常为15天)内提交书面答复,以回应仲裁请求. 随着回复, the respondent shall submit a deposit of $500 when the dispute is submitted to NYSAR. 保证金可以退还,也可以由董事会/协会保留,用于仲裁听证会的费用(当地董事会选择)。行政人员(专业标准管理员)应在向仲裁请求的答辩人发送通知后不早于十五(15)天或不迟于二十一(21)天发送答复副本.

行政人员(或专业标准管理员)应将该日期通知所有各方, time, and place of the hearing established by the arbitrators (Form #A-9, 正式聆讯通知书). 仲裁请求和响应, 如果有任何, shall be provided to the 听力 Panel members prior to the hearing. Such time period shall be (generally 7 days) as established by the Board of Directors. 应向所有当事人和仲裁小组成员提供仲裁指南和仲裁工作表.

争端各方应向仲裁员提交其认为支持其主张所必需的陈述和证据. 证据可以是宣誓书或其他形式. 仲裁员应当收到书面陈述, 文书或者其他文件应当听取口头证言. The 听力 Panel may receive and consider any evidence they deem material and proper. Parties to arbitration shall be entitled to have legal counsel present at any hearing. Each party is responsible for the expenses of his/her respective counsel.

主席应主持听证会, which shall not be bound by the strict rules of evidence applicable to judicial tribunals, 而是按照《博天堂918AG旗舰厅》和《博天堂918APP》(见美国全国房地产经纪人协会《® 道德守则和仲裁手册. The Outline of Procedure For Ethics or Arbitration 听力s (Part Thirteen, 应在听证会前向有关各方提供NAR专业标准手册中的表格#A-10.

Right of Arbitration Panel to Release Members from Obligation to Arbitrate
If the arbitration panel determines that because of the amount involved, 或者争议的法律复杂性, 该争议不应仲裁, they shall advise the parties; the arbitration shall terminate and the parties shall be relieved of their obligation to arbitrate. In this event, any deposits made by the parties shall be returned to the parties. 进一步, 专家组认定存在可仲裁事项,但不需强制仲裁的, 不得强迫任何一方进行仲裁, 除非各方自愿参加并遵守仲裁决定,仲裁终止.

争议各方可以自己作证,也可以提供证人的证词, 和/或书面证据. 当事人可以对证人进行询问和质证, 并应任何一方的要求或自行提出, 该小组, 由其自行决定, 可以排除证人或证据吗. 当事各方有责任传唤证人并派证人出席听证会.

Parties, at their own expense, may have legal counsel present during the hearing. If a party intends to have legal counsel present at the hearing, the party must provide written notice (including name, 其法律顾问的地址及电话号码),以书面形式通知审裁小组主席及另一方当事人, not less than fifteen (15) days before the hearing date. 未提供此通知不会使一方获得法律代理的权利无效. 如当事各方未事先通知其聘请律师的意图, 专家组应采取一切措施, 包括案件的继续审理, 如果有必要的话, to guarantee the rights of all parties to representation by counsel. 小组可有自己的法律顾问在场,就程序和法律问题向其提供咨询意见. 董事会律师并非聆讯小组成员,亦不得在聆讯过程中担当积极角色.

The board/association must record all arbitration hearings. A tape/digital recorder or court reporter may be used. 专家组的磁带录音或法庭记录员的文字记录应被视为诉讼的正式记录. 任何录音的副本或从任何录音或聆讯法庭记录员所拟备的笔录,只可用于要求程序覆核的目的. 聆讯的任何一方均有权索取一份审裁团的正式录音(或法庭记者笔录)副本,但须支付审裁团的复制费用,而任何磁带/数码录音机的复制将在行政主任(专业标准行政官)的监督下进行。. If more than one party requests copies of the transcript, the Panel’s costs will be apportioned between or among the parties.

If a party purchases a copy of the Panel’s official tape/digital recording, and subsequently has it transcribed at his own expense, 该方必须免费向执行主任(专业标准管理员)提供一份成绩单副本. After the Secretary has received a copy of the transcript, 秘书应通知另一方,在支付专家组的复制费用后,可获得副本.


仲裁当事人可以随时通过协议解决双方之间的争议. 在这种情况下, 以书面通知行政主任(专业标准管理员)或, 如果听证会正在进行, 致小组主席, 由双方签字并注明日期, 仲裁程序终止.

部分, 或全部, 双方的保证金, 可由专家组保留,以支付专家组在解决争议前所发生的费用.

仲裁员的裁决(表格#A‐12), (NAR手册第13部分)应在证据提交后尽快做出决定,并在听证会结束后21天内将决定副本送达各方. The Panel’s decision shall be in writing and signed by a majority of its members.

Dissemination of the award shall be limited to the parties involved, 在需要知道的基础上, 还有法律顾问和工作人员.

任何程序性审查请求(必须限于正当程序问题)必须在裁决送达各方后20天内提出. 该请求必须提交给执行人员(专业标准管理员),并将在下次董事会会议上或由合格董事组成的小组予以考虑. If no request is filed, the award becomes final and binding, following the 20‐day period.

如会员未能遵守奖状, 被仲裁小组作出裁决的接受方应由听证小组建议寻求司法强制执行,并要求报销因寻求司法强制执行而产生的所有法律费用. 在董事会的自由裁量权下,董事会可以支持法院和司法执行的请求, 由董事会进一步酌情决定, 如法院不裁定发还获裁决书人因寻求司法执行而产生的费用,则发还该等费用.


区分房地产经纪人的是道德准则® from other licensees and we take enforcement of the Code very seriously. 道德投诉可以由房地产经纪人提出® 或者是公众成员. 道德投诉的作用是博天堂918APP会员,并在发生违规行为时提供纪律处分程序. 任何人有理由相信会员有任何不道德的行为,应受到纪律处分,可向当地董事会/房地产经纪人协会提出书面投诉® 成员拥有成员资格.